Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm constantly reading but there are certain authors that when one of their books drop, I lose interest in everything I'm reading until I check out their newest offer. Well I was not disappointed with the newest book from Michael Ruhlman. Its called ratios and it is a fucking miracle that no one has written this book earlier. This is the genius of this book, it is original as well as unbelievably helpful. Coming in at only 229 pages, it is jammed up with things that a lot of chefs (or professional cooks) already know. Most cooking can be broken down into basic ratios that are usually a constant as you increase the size of the recipe. For a home cook this book can be the key to another world, the door that opens to Oz, the first time you play a guitar chord and it makes sense. It is that profound for a home cook. In culinary school we are taught some of these ratios (Cookie Dough-1 part sugar: 2 parts fat: 3 parts flour, Pasta- 3 parts flour,: 2 parts egg, or Vinaigrette- 3 parts oil: 1 part vinegar), but this book takes it to a new level. Doughs, cake batters, sausage mixes, stocks, sauces, and custards are covered with each heading encompassing multiple basic recipe ratios as well as secondary recipes so you can learn to start and improvise on the basics. Its fucking brillant.

Ok, enough overview and ass kissing.

Well, maybe a little more ass kissing....

The book is without a doubt a must have for anyone who cooks. It's an educational mind fuck as well as an insight into the way food professionals think in terms of the basic fundamentals of their craft. On top of those superlatives, it's just a good read. Ruhlman, as always, makes food and cooking processes accessible for the home cook.

Get it and be astounded.

I'm back nerds!

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