Friday, January 28, 2011

Salmon Chowder

©2011 Rouxde Cooking School
This entry is going to be a no-frills version of Rouxde Cooking School. Bare bones if you will. I never intended on putting this recipe onto the blog but because it was so goddamn good, I felt the need to share. This is why you will find no pictures of the ingredients or steps in the cooking as usual. I could only manage a picture of the final product because I realized after eating this chowder that I had something worth sharing and poured another bowl just for the picture.

It also is a well timed recipe considering how the weather is at the time of writing this. It's snowy and gross outside. I wanted to counteract the freeze by making something soothing and warm and my very pregnant wife wanted salmon (good omega 3's!). So after some research, I put together a rough sketch in my head of what I wanted in the chowder and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!