Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This is what I did with my summer vacation

Ok..... this what I've done for the past month and a half.

If you haven't been reading The Baltimore Sun Taste section every Wednesday for my "From the Harvest" then I would just like to say thanks for nothing. Now that you're good and berated I would like to tell you that it's OK, I don't mind that you haven't read my pieces but for fucks sake, help a brother out. Alright alright... I'm done with the tantrum, seriously, you can un-clench your butt cheeks. I still love you.

Now that we're done with the (made up) unpleasantries lets get to the round up of my last bunch of articles. I'm really proud of them all and if you haven't seen them I hope you find at least one of them will make you want to get out and cook. Most of the items I've written about are still at the farmers' markets so get out there and make some food. I'm really happy with the way people have been responding to the recipes as well as the conversations about food and technique I've had with people either in-person or through email. So keep the questions and comments coming. I'm here to help.

There's a lot going on and it's exciting. As always I'll keep you updated.

So lets get to it: