Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a few quick things about the immediate future.

La Petite Sciere: my favorite Foie Gras purveyor in Paris.
BTW, random pics like this will now be the norm.

Are you tired of me not blogging everyday? Yeah, me too. I am from here on out going to loosen up the format of this blog. I will continue to post recipes as much as I can. Two recipes a month is what I'm going to aim for. With work, baby, doing restaurant reviews and cooking classes I'm a wee bit swamped.

So I will update the blog with as many random pictures of food and non sequiturs as I can. There will be waaaayyy more updates than usual. I've normally spent my time planning these blog posts and driving myself a bit crazy when they don't go up. Now, if there is something that I make, see, or eat, it's more than likely going up on this blog.

I hope you enjoy my less anal approach.