Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm not lazy.......really!!!

Just because I'm not writing to help you wonderful people (all 9 of you) to learn how to cook everyday, doesn't mean that I'm not working on food related projects. Why, within the last few weeks I have had a couple of articles come out on the Metromix Baltimore site. I've been writing for them for just over a year and I am going to start linking the articles I write to this blog. The first link deals with an Absinthe tasting I went to and the second link is a guide as to where to find daily food specials in the Mount Vernon section of Baltimore from Monday through Friday. If either of those sound like anything you would want to read, then click on the links. Check it out (or I will kill you, I mean please):


Mount Vernon

I also have a "first look" piece on Mekong Delta Vietnamese restaurant coming up on Metromix in a few days. I will post a link when they post it.

Hope you are all well.
rock out with your crock pot out.

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