Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wow....just wow

I just got the craziest assignment so far in my young career in food writing. I just got the green light to find the best strip club food in Baltimore. My editors wanted a piece on strip clubs and this came to mind for me immediately. I have a friend who only has one rule in life and that is to never eat at a strip club. Its a pretty specific rule considering that it leaves his life open to mass murder and smoking umbilical cords, but who am I to judge. So I mentioned the idea to my editor and he thought it was a good idea. Now I think I will just need to update my shots (hep A, B, C) as well as get those pills they give you before going to eat in a foreign country and I'll be ready to go. I'll let you know when its out.

Tomorrow I have a piece on Birds of a Feather Scotch and Whiskey Bar in Fell Point going up. I'll link it tomorrow when its up.

The 3rd installment of SYWN series will be up in a couple of days.

Ta Ta for now (get it... tata...)


Unknown said...

Link to scotch review today, FAIL.

Diet Menu said...

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