Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Crabulous!!

This is sort of a late post but if you haven't read it then it's new to you. I had an article on crabs go up last week on Metromix. It was then re-printed as B magazine's cover story on Monday (which I knew nothing about until it was already out). I was pleasantly surprised about it and happy with the way the piece came out. Here it is:

(photo Credit: John Houser III)
There was also a piece I wrote a month or two ago that finally got posted last week as well. Its on tater tots. Nuff said there. It's pretty cool as well. My wife is a tot freak and if I didn't get that assignment she would have punched me in my jaw. It made up for some of the horrible places that we've eaten in the past couple of years. Here is the link:

Read and enjoy my pets, read and enjoy.

Just an update, the piece on strip club food is coming along well. I only need one more place and I'm good to go. I have been impressed with most of the places as to the quality of the food they're putting out. It's going to be a fun article to write.

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