Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What month is it again????

Yes. it's October. Yes, it has been a long time since my last post. Yes, the next time you see me you can punch me in the face. OK, so maybe not that last one.
I do have a good excuse. I have been dutifully preparing and executing the artwork for an art show that I am in. If you go downtown to Abacrombie restaurant (digs of Top Chef contestant Jesses Sandlin) I currently have twelve photographs hanging up on their lovely walls. Here are a few preview pics for your viewing pleasure. These are artist proof shots taken on my iphone. The actual prints are much richer in person, but with these you'll get the idea of what sort of food photography I do.
Electric Allium- Silver Gelatin Emulsion on Paper. 11 x 14-2009

Frank – Silver Gelatin Emulsion on Paper. 11 x 14-2009

Mistress Corn- Silver Gelatin Emulsion on Paper. 11 x 14-2009

I have been working on these photos for over six months and to finally get them out of my head and onto walls was greatly fulfilling and terrifyingly fun. One of my best friends Andrew Gleason is showing with me. I would try to describe the madnees that came out of his beautiful, twisted brain, but I would be doing him a disservice. He does ink transfer prints that are heartbreakingly stunning and vibrantly ass-kicking.

I will be updating new stories and post starting this weekend. The next post will be about how I was contacted by a crab delivery company to test out their products. You'll have to tune in in a couple of days to find out how it went, I'm not saying shit...... yet.

So get your asses down to Abacrombie, have a great meal cooked for you by a great chef and see some great (in my opinion at least) artwork.

See you in a few.


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misssamala said...

dude, we are psyched to put your art up on our walls!! congrats again, great show!!