Friday, May 13, 2011

Secrets and the arcane tales of the cryptic and esoteric food occult

Errrr...... don't listen to the heading. It thinks it's clever


I’ve been keeping a deep dark secret for a while now. I’ve been hinting at it and now I can finally reveal it to you. I am a serial killer the weekend restaurant reviewer for the Baltimore Sun. I’m really happy to be working for them and it’s my pleasure as always to inform you about where you might be better off spending your hard earned money in Bmore. My first review came out last week and my newest came out yesterday. Here are the links:

SoBo Café-,0,7648023.story

Pure Wine Café -,0,6337299.story

My reviews will be a weekly occurrence and I will link to every last one of them (whether you like it or not). If you guys have any questions about anything involving the process or my decision making, feel free to fuck off ask. Seriously, I will answer your questions.

I’ll be posting a new recipe soon.


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