Friday, February 1, 2019

Ramen Denominator

This week John and Rebecca use their noodles talking about ramen.

The episode starts with a round up of some Super Bowl-related food deals and then a rundown to the food one could find this weekend at Mercedes Benz Stadium, the home of the big game. 

 We then delve into the history of ramen and as we're about to wrap it up disaster strikes.... the power goes out. 

We come back and record the rest of the episode in the dark using some dark magic learned from the old gods. The rest of the story of ramen is told as well as some fun facts. 

We finish up this crazy episode with some fun stories from ramen lovers including a serendipitous find while researching of the story of one of our close listener's father. What a ride huh? Thanks for listening. Cheers!

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